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The “Calf Catcher”

Makes Catching Calves Faster

and Branding Easier!

The “Calf Catcher” (similar to the "Nordfork") is a device that fits behind the head of a calf, to help hold it while the ground crew works (vaccinates, castrates, brands, etc.) the calf.

To use a Calf Catcher, a mounted rider heels the calf, then drags it past the ground crew.  As the calf goes by, one of the ground crew members slips the Calf Catcher behind the calf's head.  As the heeler continues to drag the calf, a rope and inner tube tied to the Calf Catcher and staked into the ground tighten.  When the rope and inner tube are tight, the heeler quits dragging. The heeler continues to hold the heel rope as the calf is worked.  The Calf Catcher holds the front end of the calf, so it can easily be rolled and handled.

$100.00 plus shipping

Comes with Fixture, Stake & Innertube

Brand More, Work Less!

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